Brent Jansen Plumbing & heating

Brent Jansen has been in the trade for approximately 28 years.  Prior to owning and running his own business, he worked and gained knowledge from three other plumbing firms.

The experience I gained included construction, commercial and residential plumbing applications.  In 1993 I started my own one-man operation which has now grown to employ six plumbers.  I have never believed in overselling products or repairs, and I will not compromise the quality of work we achieve by installing substandard materials.  I present my property managers' and owners' with options when required. Brent Jansen Plumbing & Heating is a fully diversified company in which we offer all plumbing services you require to maintain your properties.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.  I would look forward to the possibility of doing business with you or your company.

Heating Solutions

We can assist with your decisions if you wish to replace your electric hot water tank with a new gas tank, or decide upon  another option such as a new instananeous on demand hot water heater, these are more expensive than standard tanks but are more envoirmentally friendly and only use gas when running your hot water.

We can help with replacing your hot water heating with a new high efficiency condensing boiler system or on demand system.

The BC Government & the local gas company sometimes offer incentives or grants to help with installation cost.

Plumbing Solutions

  • We look after all your plumbing requirements
  • We repair or replace leaky faucets
  • We supply and install hot water tanks with an 8 year warranty
  • We clear blocked Sewer or Perimeter Drains, camera to verify condition of the pipes and inform you of regular maintanence or repairs that may be required

Specializing In:

  • Complete Plumbing Solutions for Commercial or Residential properties
  • Heating service & installation
  • Sewer & Perimeter drain cleaning/repair or replacement
  • State of the Art underground camera equipment
  • State of Art locating equipment
  • Mark out layouts/depths of plumbing systems
  • New installation & testing of backflow prevention devices required by CRD by laws
  • Fountain and Pond supply & installation